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August 16, 2018
KSUT Regional
KSUT Regional
Most Four Corners Region Delegates on Board with Palin
(ksut) - Many Colorado Republican delegates now support McCain VP Sarah Palin, although one delegate from the Four Corners region, Mojie Adler, isn't so sure. Adler is concerned that Palin is not experienced enough for the vice presidential office.

Farmington, New Mexico delegates Allen and Gayla McCulloch say they have no reservations about Palin.

"Well, I am officially pumped. I think it's an outstanding selection. I think she brings incredible strength. She is a fighter, she's proven that she is willing to take on any challenge and I think she's going to be awesome," Gayla McCulloch said.

Calling Palin's selection incredibly bold, Allen McCulloch says he feels the support for Palin is unanimous among New Mexico delegates.

"I was surprised. There were a couple of people who came here supporting Ron Paul in our delegation and they too are supporting Governor Palin in the bid for the VP and the presidency, so I was surprised. I think it's going to unite both sides of the party," Allen McCulloch said.

As for the questions swirling about Palin's family and her past, the McCullochs said they don't feel those issues will hurt the ticket.

"The public scrutiny is tough... There are going to be issues, but so far those issues have been the everyday issues that all of us as adults, as parents, have to face. Their trials are so common in American life today. I think it brings her more in line with the everyday person, versus an elitist who's outside, and not in touch with the American people," Allen McCulloch said.
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