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July 16, 2018
KSUT Regional
KSUT Regional
Four Corners Delegates Ready for RNC
(ksut) - Almost a dozen Four Corners residents are in St. Paul this week, attending the Republican National Convention as delegates or alternates. There are 43 delegates or alternates representing Colorado this week.

Like their counterparts at last week's Democratic National Convention in Denver, the delegates will witness history, network, and attend parties and events.

"I'm real excited, I'm really looking forward to it," said Mojie Adler.

Adler is representing southwest Colorado Republicans. She lives in Pagosa Springs.

This year is the first time the retired government employee and Archuleta County GOP officer will attend a national convention.

"Since I'm the only one from this area, I feel honored to have been elected to be a delegate. I'm really looking forward to trying to meet some of the Washington D.C. people who can steer us in the right direction," Adler said.

"Somehow or another the Republican Party is not standing up and taking charge, even though they are the minority in Congress right now. That's how they got to be the minority, because they were not standing up for the beliefs that our country was founded on," she added.

Adler says energy reform and oil independence are tops on her list of issues, trumped only by illegal immigration.

"They've got to be tough and secure our borders once and for all," she said.

Adler said she hopes to attend numerous receptions, including one which will be hosted by Cindy McCain.

Among New Mexico's 29 delegates and alternates in St. Paul this week is lifelong Republican and 2006 unsuccessful New Mexico U.S. Senate Candidate, Dr. Allen McCulloch, and his wife Gayla. The McCullochs live in Farmington, New Mexico.

Allen is an at-large delegate and member of the credentials committee. His wife is a 3rd Congressional District delegate. This is their first national convention.

McCulloch says the highlight for them will probably be John McCain's acceptance speech Thursday night.

He also plans to attend a number of other functions that he feels will be educational and informative, and he hopes to network on important issues.

"Energy, education and healthcare, for me, are big national issues that we in the Four Corners have a disproportionate responsibility to participate in. I look forward to being able to dialogue with people on those issues," McCulloch said.

The New Mexico delegation will adequately represent the interests of the state at the convention, McCulloch said.

"My wife has worked really hard. We had four counties in the 3rd Congressional District that did not have organized Republican Parties, and she's been able to organize those. We're very excited about the added participation," he said.

Karen Bayless of Farmington is one of three alternate delegates from northwest New Mexico.

A retired accountant and office manager, Bayless has been active in the GOP for 25 years. She served as an officer with the party and in various campaigns.

She is also a board member of the National Federation of Republican women.

Like the McCullochs, this is her first convention. She wants to talk issues with others, and network.

"It's good to get outside of your box and understand the issues that are happening in other areas with other citizens, and try to come to an understanding of why those are pressing issues for them. I'm hopeful for that, and I'm also hopeful that I will get to be on the floor during the convention and hear some of our wonderful speakers that I know they have lined up,"

Bayless isn't concerned that she might not get to be on the convention floor, due to her alternate status. She said she'll go back to her hotel room and watch the proceedings, and perhaps take in some of the sites around Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Bayless says, like Colorado, she expects New Mexico to be a battleground state in the presidential race.

She hopes that by the end of the week, Republicans will be motivated to get out and vote.

"The elected officials are only there by the people who vote. To sit around and moan about what's going on if you did not vote -- want a sticker for you that says 'I didn't vote, I don't get to moan,'" Bayless said.

Bayless, the McCullochs and Mojie Adler said they are ready for a busy time in St. Paul.

"I've been taking vitamins so I'll build up my strength. I think it's going to be a very busy four days," Adler said.
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