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September 26, 2018
KSUT Regional
KSUT Regional
NM Gov. Pledges Funding for San Juan County Meth Program
San Juan County's Meth Pilot Program may receive $2M in recurring funding. (Joan Zwisler)
(ksut) - HOST LEAD: It looks like there's going to be a bipartisan push this legislative session to pass bills aimed at fighting New Mexico's substance abuse problem. KSUT's Joan Zwisler has more.
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JOAN: New Mexico's Democratic Governor Bill Richardson teamed up with Republican Congressman Steve Pearce Monday.
The men proposed creating a registry of convicted drug dealers that would be accessible to the public.
They're also endorsing the creation of a registry of properties that once served as meth labs.
This would alert home-buyers to make sure the homes had been cleaned up.
Richardson also is asking New Mexico lawmakers to approve more than 20 million dollars in substance abuse treatment funds.
His package will include two million dollars in recurring funding for San Juan County.
It would keep the County's 60-day residential meth treatment program going.
It will also help expand that pilot program to other communities.
The New Mexico Legislature began its 60-day session today.

From KSUT, I'm Joan Zwisler.
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