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Crested Butte's "Bud Light Up For Whatever" Event 
General Event Information
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Public Service Announcement
Dates and Times:
September 6, 8:00AM-9:00AM
KSJD listeners, if you were planning on visiting Crested Butte this weekend to be a part of the "Bud Light Up For Whatever" events, please be warned that you will not be allowed into the events unless you can provide proof of residency in Gunnison County. If you cannot provide proof of residency in Gunnison County, the Crested Butte Marshal's office advises that you select a different weekend to visit Crested Butte. Only Gunnison County locals will be allowed into the event. For more information, the Crested Butte Marshal's office can be reached at (970) 349-5231.
Venue Information
Crested Butte  
Crested Butte 
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United States 
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