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September 22, 2018
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First News: Polls are open from 7AM to 7PM and watchdogs are on the lookout for any voting irregularities. (listen)
(KSFR) - Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today for the 2012 general elections. New Mexico's largest nonprofit election watchdog says it has hotline telephones set up to take questions and answer concerns about possible voting irregularities throughout the state. Vikki Harrison of Common Cause New Mexico says they've taken a number of other precautions as well. *****

Santa Fe Community College says it is facing a new, unfounded rumor about tuition. The rumor is that fees for the coming semester for all adults not registered in degree courses are going up. Not true, says Janet Wise in the president's office. No tuition increases are planned for any non-degree courses except for courses at the fitness center. And that tuition increase can be avoided if a student who is now auditing fitness center classes registers instead as a credit student in those classes.

Santa Fe Fire Station 3 on Cerrillos Road publicly unveils its solar energy powering station tomorrow afternoon at 4. The non-profit New Energy Economy partnered with the city of Santa Fe and the fire department to create an array that can generate 28,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. An interactive kiosk will display the amount of energy being produced at any given time. The solar panels were made here in New Mexico by the now-defunct Schott Solar.

A 14 year old Santa Fe boy is in police custody after attacking his mother with a knife and threatening his siblings. Police were summoned to the Pueblo Pintado home of Madelynn Schmayne after her son, Tristan Critzer, had forced his family to take refuge in their car. Tristan had been ordered to clean his room and was forbidden from playing video games or watching TV until he had done so. The enraged teen stabbed his mother in the thigh with a kitchen knife. He also broke out the windows of the family car and threatened to harm his one-year old brother. The youth is being held in the county Juvenile Detention Center on several felony charges.

Among signs of political activism you might encounter this morning in Santa Fe, one may give you goosepimples. A group called "Mommas for Obama" plans a clothing optional public show of support for the president under the slogan "My Body, My Country, My Vote." They'll meet at 8AM at the corner of Cerrillos and St. Francis. Although clothing optional, the group also suggests attendees wear black pants and shirts.

Weather for Santa Fe - sunny, dry and seasonably warm for the next few days. Highs in the mid 60s with overnight lows in the upper 30s. An approaching storm begins to cool temperatures by Friday and also ushers in a slight chance for rain and snowshowers for the weekend.
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