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August 16, 2018
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First News: A city committee favors an underpass rather than an overpass at the St. Francis - Cerrillos Road junction. (listen)
(KSFR) - A city advisory committee has once again recommended that Santa Fe city council approve going ahead with an underpass rather than an overpass at the city's busiest intersection. It's the second time the citizens group has urged that option for the St. Francis-Cerrillos Road junction. City council members have been debating the question for some time and have held several public hearings. The $200,000 design cost of the underpass option is already in the city budget. But the several million dollar construction cost has not yet been budgeted.

The financially-strapped Educational Retirement Board is reviewing a proposal that would increase the pension contribution made by workers and set a new, higher retirement age. The Albuquerque Journal says the contribution for a $40,000-a-year worker would go up by about 14 percent. The contribution funded by tax payers would increase by three percent. The proposal also calls for setting the minimum retirement age at 55.

The Martinez administration is the target of criticism for language used in describing a proposed amendment to the state's childcare parental support policy. The term is "forcible rape." Critics say the wording implies that there are different classes of rape, some more of a violation than others. The matter comes up as the state's Children, Youth and Families Department is considering an amendment to its current policy that would exempt victims of "forcible rape" from having to file child support claims against the absent parent. Today in Albuquerque, a coalition of groups plans a morning press conference outside Police Headquarters to stress that rape is always a forcible violation.

The final New Mexico fly-over of retired space shuttle Endeavor takes place today. Endeavor, carried on the back of a 747 as it makes it way to permanent display in California, will make a final salutory pass over the White Sands Test Facility and neighboring Las Cruces. White Sands was used for astronaut training and was a designated last-resort landing site for NASA's shuttle program.

Bandelier National Monument is working with various state agencies in their attempt to clean up a paint spill after a truck fell down a 200 foot slope along Highway 4. Some 2200 gallons of paint used for road striping covered about an acre of ground and the truck also leaked its diesel fuel. The Los Alamos Lab's Hazardous Materials Team helped to contain the fuel spill. Park officials say the paint has congealed which makes it easier to remove and lessens the likelihood that subsurface soils will suffer serious impact.

In Taos county, New Mexico's Public Education Department has halted the authority of Questa's six-member school board. Education Secretary Hanna Skandera says the board routinely finds itself in bitter 3-to-3 decisions, has collapsed into fistfights and engages in obstructions to daily operations. The state will now oversee the 500-student district. The board members will have an opportunity at a public hearing in November to oppose their removal.

Weather for Santa Fe - Sunny, dry and seasonably warm is the forecast for the next three days. Look for highs in the upper 70s to low 80s with overnight lows in the mid-to-upper 40s.
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