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September 20, 2018
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First News: Big budget cuts could be in the offing for New Mexico's Sandia & Los Alamos Labs. (listen)
(KSFR) - New Mexico's two national laboratories could face big budget cuts if the congress and the president can't agree on a debt ceiling by the end of the year. The Office of Management and Budget estimates the cuts could total $400 million. That would be about 9 percent of the combined total budgets for the Los Alamos and Sandia labs. The Albuquerque Journal reports today that the all automatic federal spending cuts could cost some 20,000 New Mexicans their jobs.

The authorities in Torrance County are looking for the owners of what's being called a massive pot farm operation in the Manzano Mountains. Two hunters stumbled upon the farm and had to duck rifle shots fired at them. Sheriff's deputies plan to begin removing the 300 or so marijuana plants from the area today.

A new report shows that New Mexico's 49 banks had fewer problem loans this year than they did a year ago. The report from the FDIC says that just two percent of loans held by the banks were at least 30 days past due in the most recent three month period. Last year at this time, the number of overdue loans was nearly 2.5 percent. Two years ago, it was almost 3 percent.

Today sees Santa Fe' Finance Committee review that proposal that would continue fluoridation of city water supplies for the next three years. It's yet another step toward a city council public hearing on the matter set for October 30th. A separate proposal is wending its way through City Hall that would let voters ultimately decide the matter in the 2014 municipal elections.

Unfavorable weather conditions have forced NASA to reschedule the final New Mexico fly-over of retired space shuttle Endeavor by one day. It'll now be Thursday when Endeavor, carried on the back of a 747, makes a final salutory pass over the White Sands Test Facility and neighboring Las Cruces. White Sands was used for astronaut training and was a designated last-resort landing site for NASA's shuttle program.

The New Mexico Public Education Commission will meet tomorrow and Thursday in Santa Fe to take action on applications for new state authorized charter schools. The Commission will be hearing from the Education Department's Charter School Division and the applicants who will have 15 minutes to make their presentations. Commissioners will make comments and pose questions, after which approval or denial will be announced. Originally, 14 applications were to be considered but the Commission's website indicates that 5 have been withdrawn in the past month.

The county sheriff's office will be auctioning a number of vehicles this weekend. They were all seized as part of the program to take the vehicles of repeat drunk drivers. The auction will take place at the sheriff's office Saturday at 9:30 a.m. A preview is set for Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Weather for Santa Fe - sunny and dry today with highs near 75 and overnight lows in the mid 40s. The pattern remains the same for the rest of the week though highs tomorrow and Wednesday rise to 80 degrees.
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