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August 18, 2018
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Santa Fe restaurant in financial stew (Listen)
Photo: Peg Price
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A long-time Santa Fe business appears to be in financial trouble, and for this one it's not the first time. The Pink Adobe restaurant is facing foreclosure. The restaurant reportedly owes $1.5 million to the holder of a loan. The original owners of the 1940s restaurant sold it to an out-of-state group several years ago, then took it back when that group failed.

Officials at the Los Alamos National Laboratory say that small amounts of a slightly radioactive material were accidentally released yesterday from one of the lab's facilities. They say the type of radiation involved is a beta radiation. It can generally be stopped by clothing or skin. They say it's no more than is found naturally in some typesof bricks or stone flooring. Among other safety checks, officials are investigating some of the material that may have been tracked off the site by foot. They say it poses no significant health hazard.

A water conference gets underway at New Mexico State University this morning. It's the 57th meeting the school has held on the state's water resources. Sam Fernald at NMSU says they will be discussing not only ways to save water but also to find new sources of supply. ***

A northern New Mexico man made famous by a land-grant dispute in Rio Arriba County has died. Juan Valdez was 74. Valdez led an assault on the county courthouse in 1967, hoping to make a citizens arrest of an official who had ordered police to disband a meeting of his group. Valdez was convicted of shooting a police officer but he avoided prison because of a pardon from then-Governor Bruce King.

The Republican National Convention has officially begun in Tampa, Florida, and the schedule of events and speakers has been set. Gov. Susana Martinez will be speaking in a primetime slot at 8 p.m. New Mexico time tomorrow night.
Weather: Ahead is another day just like yesterday. Mostly sunny with highs in the 80s. It will be warming to the 90s by the end of the week

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