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September 26, 2018
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Fluoride debate still on (Listen)
Fluoride debate continues
(KSFR) -

The question of fluoride in Santa Fe's drinking water supply may not be answered yet. The city attorney has asked city council to reconsider their vote to eliminate the additive because council members may have acted out of order. Instead of debating and voting on adopting new federal standards for fluoride, the council voted to eliminate the additive completely. The city attorney now says their action could be out of order because the question of elimination was not even on the agenda. No word when the discussion will come up again.

On this week's city council agenda is a plan to add new energy to Santa Fe's tourism efforts. It calls for adding new events designed to attract more tourists in their 30s to 50s. It's based on the theory that tourists are attracted to events rather than simply locations.

Santa Fe police say they have seen a measurable drop in the number of residential burglaries in recent weeks, even though the total number of home break ins for the first six months of the year is higher than last year. An operation named Full Court Press has resulted in nearly half of the suspected repeat burglars in the city winding up behind bars. They say a leading cause of burglaries is to get cash to buy heroin.

Several dozen retired state employees face lawsuits because they failed to return overpayments they got in their retirement checks. Errors made by the state's educational retirement board resulted in nearly $2 million in overpayments being made to about 700 retirees. The board asked the individuals to voluntarily return the overpayments. Many have agreed to work out repayment plans, except for the 24 now being sued. They got an average of $7,500 apiece.

Weather: A 20 percent chance of a thundershower today, increasing over the next several days. Highs in the 90s.

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