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August 19, 2018
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First News: Car break-ins at city trailheads drop off. (listen)
(KSFR) - There's been a drop off of burgled cars at various trail heads around Santa Fe. The authorities say there have been no reports of break-ins since mid-June. According to today's New Mexican, they believe the slowdown may be due to the arrest of a 46-year-year-old man who was caught in the act in one of the trail parking areas. From April until June, there have been 26 auto burglaries at trailheads, mostly at the Dale Ball trailheads and others along Hyde Park Road.

A squabble over official state emails is gaining steam in New Mexico. Attorney General Gary King is criticizing the state Republican Party for submitting a blanket request for all emails sent by King on his personal email account that may have involved public business. King calls it a political ploy. The Republican party action follows recent revelations that members of Gov. Martinez' administration used their private email accounts to conduct what seems to have been official, public business. Several Democratic lawmakers have asked King to investigate whether the administration violated state ethics rules.

Santa Fe's Public Works Committee today takes up the matter of one-way traffic only along the city's famed Canyon Road. Public safety discussions have recommended the street be one-way, eastbound only from Paseo de Peralta to Delgado. Last month, the matter brought vocal opposition from area residents who worry such a move will put more traffic on residential streets. The Finance Committee has all ready approved a one-year trial of the proposal and full city council takes up the resolution on Wednesday.

Getting underway today in Albuquerque is the annual summer convention of the National Association of State Veterans Homes. The organization represents more than 140 homes in the United States and serves more than 30,000 veterans. The New Mexico State Veterans' Home in Truth or Consequences is home to 128 service members and offers multiple inpatient and outpatient therapies. The facility is the exclusive long-term care home for veterans', spouses of veterans', and Gold Star parents -- those people who have lost a child in battle. The weeklong conference will explore best practices gleaned from Veterans' Homes across the US.

Tomorrow sees Triple A New Mexico give real-time demonstrations of its new Triple A On Board communication system, provided free for those families insured by the auto club. Using wireless communication between the vehicle and a password protected online portal, the technology allows parents to set driving parameters like speed, geographic boundaries and curfew for their teen. It also can pinpoint the vehicle location. If a teen driver exceeds limits, a text or email message is sent to the parent in real-time. The demonstrations will take place at Triple A's East Branch office in Albuquerque with a Duke City family currently using the program with their teenage daughter.

Weather for Santa Fe - a mostly cloudy start to the week with highs today and Tuesday from the upper 70s to the low 80s. A 60% chance for thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, decreasing to 50% tomorrow. Precipitation probabilities drop off for the remainder of the week with highs rising to the mid 80s under mostly sunny skies.
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