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September 22, 2018
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Fire no problem for Rail Runner this morning (Listen)
Rail Runner
(KSFR) -

Unofficial reports put a fire just north of Albuquerque at much larger than the 100 acres reported last night. It's burning in the Corrales bosque and hopping the river. Reports say it's nearly fully contained on the west side of the river. Local fire departments put up containment lines last and there was air support for a while. They'll be bracing for this morning's high winds, which could whip up even more fire activity.

Rail Runner trains through the fire area are running on time this morning. For a short period yesterday, the Romero fire forced Rail Runner to set up a "bus bridge" between two stations along the line. But Augusta Myers with the Rail Runner says they are back to straight train service this morning, unless the fire picks up. ***

The question of paying for furnishing the new county courthouse comes up today at a meeting of the state Board of Finance. Santa Fe County is asking for a loan of more than $800,000 to begin buying the furnishing and equipment that court officials say are needed. The request for the loan came up because the governor had refused state funds to pay the costs. But an opinion from the attorney general's office this week says the state, not the county, is responsible for the expense.

Federal agents have arrested five people in New Mexico and 30 people in other states in connection with a scheme to transport undocumented immigrants across state lines and help them pass driving tests. KOB-TV reports that ring organizers on the East Coast paid New Mexico residents to allow foreign nationals to use local mailing addresses to create false local identification.
The board of the state's public retiree association is meeting today to consider changes to retirement benefits that could affect more than 50,000 retirees. The Albuquerque Journal says the changes could include reducing annual cost-of-living increases and adjusting the size of a retiree's first benefits. Ultimately, any changes would have to be approved by the legislature.
Weather: Windy with a chance of a thunderstorm today and tonight. Look for highs around 80. Fire danger is extremely high.

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