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January 22, 2022
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Moyes: Thums down court ruling, thumbs up KSFR and KPBS
Bill Moyers
(KSFR) -

Update, April 22 --
PBS commentator Bill Moyers saluted KSFR, Santa Fe, and KPBS, San Diego, for taking stands against political ads on public broadcasting. Watch.

Update April 19 -- Bill Moyers will cite KSFR on his PBS television program this weekend for the local station's stand against political advertising on public broadcast media. It airs at 5 p.m. Sunday on KNME-TV, Albuquerque.

April 13 -- Following a decision by a federal appeals court to open up political advertising on some public broadcasting stations, KSFR issued the following statement today:


The board and staff of KSFR are alarmed by the decision by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that would open the door to political advertising on some public radio and television stations. We pledge to resist any effort or pressure that conceivably could force us to open our airwaves to attack ads and other political messages.

It is a time-honored tradition of public broadcasting to be independent of controversial, one-sided advertising. At KSFR News, especially, our editorial position is to be as objective as humanly possible.

Although New Mexico is not among the western states where the ruling could apply immediately, the court's action opens the door for other decisions that might include KSFR.

The board and staff remain committed to keeping Santa Fe public radio safe and secure from the manipulations of outside interests so that we may continue to serve the public interest.

KSFR, Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation

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