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September 19, 2018
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First News: House sidelines new voter ID proposals. (listen)
(KSFR) - A number of bills in the state House that would toughen voter identification requirements have been sidelined in committee. Democrats on the House Consumer Public Affairs Committee said on Tuesday that voter fraud in New Mexico is largely non-existent. Republican members disagree, favoring changing ID requirements supported by Secretary of State, Diana Duran. The committee voted along party lines 3-to-2 against the proposals, likely tabling the issue for the remainder of the legislative session.

Spaceport America officials have seen their effort to reduce liability for partnering manufacturers from mishaps related to space tourism enterprises tabled by both chambers at the Roundhouse. The legislation would have indemnified space parts manufacturers in the event of any equipment failures causing injuries or damages. Supporters say that without such legislation, companies making components for Spaceport flights may eschew setting up shop in New Mexico and instead choose to remain in states where they are given such protections.

New Mexico's Supreme Court says it will soon issue its ruling on new state legislature redistricting maps. The high court heard arguments from both sides yesterday over a map approved by state district judge James Hall with approval from Governor Susana Martinez. It was the governor's veto of an earlier map approved by the state legislature in September that sent the matter to the court. Democrats are contesting the new map, saying it needlessly divides some communities and harms minority interests. Statewide redistricting maps are drawn every ten years in response to new data taken from the US Census.

Carlos Fierro, the man serving a seven-year term for vehicular homicide stemming from a 2008 downtown Santa Fe killing of a pedestrian, could be released in April or August. The month of release will depend on an audit of time-served credits by the State Corrections Department. Fierro's attorney says his client is being unfairly singled out and that he has racked up enough credits for an April release. Corrections officials say, however, there may have been errors in calculating those credits and thus, parole for Fierro might not come until later in the year.

Santa Fe voters have re-affirmed support of a two mill levy providing funding for public schools. The measure is expected to generate nearly $13 million annually over the next six years. The money will be applied to technological upgrades throughout the district and capital improvements. The levy found 3-to-1support out of some 3800 votes cast representing less than 5% of all those eligible to cast ballots.

Weather for Santa Fe - partly sunny today with highs in the mid 40s. Increasing clouds tonight with lows in the mid 20s. A 30% chance for mixed rain and snowshowers tomorrow, highs in the mid 40s. Any precipitation will change over to all snow Thursday night as temperatures fall back into the 20s.
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