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August 20, 2018
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After KSFR investigation, MVD website now clear on drivers license law
Updated New Mexico MVD website
(KSFR) -
KSFR News has forced a change to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division website that will be helpful to people looking for information on how to update their drivers licenses records with their newly changed addresses.

The change may also answer why the MVD had several thousand pieces of mail sent to foreign drivers with licenses returned because the mail was undeliverable.

Prior to KSFR's investigation, the MVD website explained only that holders of drivers licenses could use a change-of-address form "if they wished to update their residency address." It did not say the change was mandatory, nor did it say that the license holder had 10 days, under law, to notify MVD of the address change. The change-of-address requirement is clear deep inside the pages of state law. However, clear instructions on the legal requirement were absent on the MVD website.

Taxation Secretary Demisa Padilla was surprised when KSFR News brought up the subject. She argued that the instructions were clear. We convinced her they were not and suggested the website be modified to reflect the mandatory requirement.

We also suggested to her that the unclear instructions may also have been the reason that thousands of pieces of mail sent to foreign nationals with drivers licenses were returned to MVD as undeliverable. The US Postal Service will not forward mail after a period of six months.

Is the sudden resignation of MVD Director Keith Perry a related development? Secretary Padilla commented that she needs a director who can fulfill her department's goal of increasing fraud investigations exposed by the recent recertification of drivers licenses held by foreign nationals?

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