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August 17, 2018
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Groups confuse Santa Feans about property taxes (Listen again)
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Several groups opposed to a hike in the property tax have published and broadcast ads that have Santa Feans confused and alarmed.

Together with a Republican group, another named the Santa Fe Coalition for Good Government have pointed to a 41-percent increase in the mill rate of the city portion of the county property tax with the message that city council may raise property taxes 41-percent.

While the 41-percent increase in the city portion of the total county tax is actually what is being debated by city council, the effect of such an increase would result in a hike of 6-percent, not 41-percent, of the total tax bill. That's because the city portion of the county tax is 9-percent of the total at present. Thus, a higher $300 city levy on the average home would represent a fractional increase of the total average bill, increasing it from $2,000 to $2,116.

Santa Fe Realtor Cindy Katz, head of the Santa Fe Coalition, defended her portrayal of the issue to KSFR News.

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