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September 25, 2018
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No telecomm ordinance in Santa Fe means no telecomm applications?
(KSFR) -
-- Santa Fe city council has again set aside discussion of a telecommunications ordinance. If Santa Fe has no ordinance, then it's impossible for telecommunications companies to apply for licenses to do business in the city.

That appears to be the short-term outcome of a process that's been stalled again at Santa Fe City Hall. Several telecommunications companies have been asking for permission to install their wireless communications systems in the city, but there remains no ordinance under which they can file. Santa Fe city council again has postponed the vote on the recommendation of councilors Miguel Chavez and Patti Bushee. (Listen above)

That proposed ordinance is very complicated but a close reading does answer some concerns that the community has already brought up. Bill Scheer has been going through the draft ordinance and has these observations.

Scheer: A new section in the revised proposed telecommunications ordinance that was tabled by city council may help the city mitigate the aesthetic impact of new telecommunications installations. If the installation is not below ground, as preferred, it must minimize visual impact.

Facilities co-located on buildings may not exceed the height of that building, and new structures shall not exceed maximum heights otherwise permitted. This would appear to limit heights to a 35 foot maximum in residential districts with more stringent rules in the historic district. Commercially zoned areas may in some cases
allow greater heights.

While visual impacts may reasonably be addressed by these changes, the opponents to any new system may well protest the continued emission of electromagnetic waves by some of them.

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