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September 24, 2018
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News editor talks about letter critical of Secretary of State (Podcast)
(KSFR) -
-- Ed note:(The news editor of Espanola's Rio Grande Sun talks with KSFR about the letter he obtained. It's the letter of resignation by the state director of elections who is critical of Secretary of State Mary Herrera. )

A surefire way for a politician to grab public attention is to withhold a piece of information that's the basis for rumors swirling around it. The longer it's held back the louder the rumors get. But now, in a current case, some of the rumors can stop. That's because the piece of information has come out in what seems to be its original form in the media.

The rumors have to do with allegations made by the former state elections director A.J. Salazar. In his letter of resignation, Salazar outlines all of his complaints with his former boss, Secretary of State Mary Herrera.

Some of those complaints are allegations of possible corruption. The first reports of the Salazar letter are now more than a week old. But the secretary of state has refused to release the letter or to comment on the complaints. Despite public records requests by this and other news organizations, she has not released the letter.

The letter is now public, thanks to the Espanola newspaper the Rio Grande Sun. With the contents of the letter public, the onus is now on the secretary of state to answer the questions that the contents of the letter bring up.

We talk with Kevin Berset in Espanola, the editor of the Rio Grande Sun, about his story and the letter. The newspaper article is here.

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