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October 19, 2017
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Unanswered questions about Santa Fe Indian School (Listen again)
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-- When the Santa Fe School Board voted to consolidate three small elementary schools into one, they hoped to lease several of the buildings to a tenant in exchange for rental payments. One of those deals has apparently fallen through. A charter high school named Tierra Encatada was in talks with the school board to lease one of the empty public school buildings. But now, the director of Tierra Encantada, Joe Sweeney, says that won't happen. His lease with the Santa Fe Indian School has another year to go.

Joe Sweeney's charter school occupies one of the buildings on the Santa Fe Indian School campus where mystery has surrounded a number of demolitions of historic old school buildings, including some that were eligible for national historic preservation. The facility Sweeney's school occupies apparently has been spared the bulldozer for a year. But we're learning that another structure will come down sometime this summer. It's the Paolo Soleri amphitheater, a popular rock concernt site and structure eligible for federal historic preservation -- if all had worked out according to federal regulations. The superintendent of the Indian school is Everett Chavez. He made the disclosure on an Albuqerque rock radio station, KZRR-FM.

The question of tearing down buildings at the Indian School has puzzled any number of Santa Feans. Over a weekend a couple of years ago, a number of huge, old shade trees and a number of WPA-era buildings of historical significance suddenly disappeared. We talk with George Johnson who is a writer, a reporter and has a blog named the Santa Fe Review.Com. He's been following all of these developments since they began.

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