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August 18, 2017
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Terror in Barcelona, how other countries deal with problematic monuments, Reagan's infamous joke A van was used to carry out a terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain, on Thursday. Also, we look at how South Africa has dealt with monuments that honor apartheid-era leaders. And we remember how a joke uttered by President Ronald Reagan caused a lot of anxiety in the Soviet Union.
Meet the antifa, responding to racism, NAFTA talks start A guide to becoming an engaged, change-making citizen in the age of Trump. Plus, a profile of an anti-fascist activist in Charlottesville. And a veteran eclipse watcher from Australia travels to Idaho.
Trump goes back to blaming 'both sides,' deadly mudslides in Sierra Leone, what we learn from solar eclipses President Donald Trump makes new comments on the racist violence in Charlottesville and returns to blaming "both sides." Also, North Korea takes a step back from threatening the US; so, is President Donald Trump's "threat diplomacy" working? Also, the Chinese appetite for Red Delicious is good news for US farmers.
World Headlines
Steve Bannon fired as Trump White House's top strategist Donald Trump's shadowy chief strategist Steve Bannon is fired after a turbulent tenure.
Barcelona and Cambrils: 'Bigger' attacks were prepared There is a massive manhunt for Moussa Oukabir, thought to have rented the Barcelona attack van.
Finland stabbings: Two dead and suspect shot in Turku A man wielding a knife is shot and wounded by police after attacking people in the centre of Turku.
08/18/2017: Globalization might be getting too much blame
Market players are concerned that President Trump's senior economic adviser, Gary Cohn, might resign over his disappointment with Trump's comments on the Charlottesville protests. But he's the one figure in the administration who gives Wall Street the most comfort, and he could become the next Fed Chair. On today's show, economist Christopher Low joins us to talk about the qualities someone should have to take on the most powerful economic policy position in the U.S. Afterwards, we'll chat with NYU professor Pankaj Ghemawat about whether globalization is on the decline, and if it's actually responsible for the stagnation many middle-class people are feeling.
When transportation barriers become economic barriers
The types of jobs that are open to residents of Erie City, Pennsylvania, can depend on their access to transportation.
Estee Lauder, meet Kylie Jenner
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