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Streaming FAQs

iTunes: A Known issue:
Sometimes iTunes plays the stream intro and then something other than the live stream. This is related to the way iTunes handles links to streaming playlists. Unlike all other players, iTunes just dumps the stream into the general library and sometimes doesn't keep the intro and the stream together. To fix:

  • In iTunes -> General Preference, make sure to check box to "Use iTunes as the default player for audio files".
  • Sort your music library by Song Name.

Windows Media Player and Vista
Known bug: After upgrading to Windows Media Player 11 (as part of the Vista upgrade) Windows Media Player may become unable to stream audio. When WMP tries to connect to an audio stream it pops up a dialog message which says "the specified protocol is not supported" or "There is a problem with the URL or file you are trying to open or play. If you are trying to open an URL, the URL may not be valid...".


  • Go to your Windows Media Player local user profile application folder (eg. "C:\users\Your UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Media")
  • Rename the "11.0" folder to something else.
  • Try again.


  • Open Windows Media Player.
  • On the menu, select Tools ---> Options ---> Network.
  • Change the Proxy for Protocol HTTP from Use Proxy Settings of the Web Browser to Autodetect Proxy Settings.

Can't Connect
Many types of interruptions between your computer, your player, your computer's OS, your local network, your ISP and the Public Interactive streaming server can exist and cause trouble. Often the interruption is temporary. Please try to connect a few times at different times of the day, if possible.

Still Can't Connect
If you continue to have trouble listening to the stream, consider reinstalling or upgrading your player. Installing the latest player software solves most online audio or video problems.

The stream seems to be playing, but I can't hear anything.
Due to national program restrictions, RIAA licensing requirements and other factors, stations may not have rights to stream all the content that they have the rights to air. Also, double-check the volume settings on your computer.

When I listen to the live stream, the sound skips, cuts out or buffers.
If the player doesn't have enough network bandwidth, it will buffer.

  • Solutions: Try increasing your player's buffering setting, closing other applications and/or rebooting your computer. Or try the stream again later, during off peak times.
  • Slow connection: You may not have a fast enough Internet connection to reliably listen to audio online. The stream is configured so that an audience member with a 28.8 kbps modem can listen, but for best results, we recommend a higher connection speed, at least 56 kbps.
  • Slow computer: If your computer is old, it might be too slow to play the stream regardless of what else it's doing. Or, if you have lots of other programs open, they may be using too much processor time and/or RAM for the player to work properly.
  • Internet congestion can slow down the delivery of the stream, make it difficult for you to connect or cause buffering. We suggest you keep trying or try again later. If you repeatedly have difficulty connecting, please notify your ISP -- there are often quick fixes they can make when they learn about your issue.
  • Local congestion: local bandwidth (on your computer or local network) is shared between all open applications and the player. Closing applications may reduce buffering. To see what proportion of your available bandwidth you're using, right-click on the Microsoft Windows Media Player status bar and view statistics.

Why does the stream stop playing after a certain amount of time?
The stream is set up to stop after a certain amount of time because our station pays for the amount of audio streamed each month. Users who log onto the stream and leave their computers for extended periods of time increase our costs. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your help in controlling our costs.

I recently upgraded my browser and now the stream won't play. What can I do?
In most cases, the player needs browser plug-ins installed in order to work correctly. If you upgrade your browser or switch browsers, the live stream may stop working. Re-install the appropriate player software using your new browser.

Why does the online live stream sound 'tinny' or like I'm listening in a tunnel?
Sound files are too large to deliver through Internet dial-up modems without compressing them first. We have compressed our web stream to 1/20 of its size, which allows users with a 28.8k dial-up modem to listen and helps manage costs; the flip side is the sound quality suffers.

What are the system requirements for a PC?

  • Pentium 90 MHz (or greater) with 32 MB RAM
  • Win 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP or higher
  • Sound card and external speakers or headphones
  • 28.8 Kbps modem or greater (we strongly recommend a faster connection)
  • Browser:
    • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
    • Netscape Navigator v. 4.72 or higher.

What are the system requirements for a Macintosh?

  • Power PC Macintosh 603e 180 MHz or higher processor or greater, with at least 32 MB RAM
  • System 8.1 or higher
  • Virtual Memory turned on
  • 10 MB of free hard disk space
  • Sound card and speakers or headphones
  • 28.8 kbps modem or greater (we strongly recommend a faster connection)
  • Browser:
    • Internet Explorer 5 or higher
    • Netscape Navigator v. 4.72 or higher, excluding Netscape 6