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Yoram Bauman: Climate Change Humor 
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$5 * contact the Venue listed below for ticketing information  
Dates and Times:
June 9, 7:30PM-8:45PM

Sponsored by 88.5 KPLU.

Global warming continues to be a hot topic of debate, and the most recent United Nations report said this environmental problem “risks destabilizing human society.” For the general public, the first step in combating climate change is understanding it — “stand-up economist” Yoram Bauman’s new book attempts to solve this problem — with a side of humor. Illustrated by Grady Klein, The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change is a “skillful tour” (Publishers Weekly) of the history, science, and current state of this daunting public issue. Entertaining and educational, this “cheeky” book covers everything from carbon emissions to his prescriptions for policy changes. Bauman and Klein are also the authors of The Cartoon Introduction to Economics.
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1119 Eighth Avenue  
Zip Code:
United States 
(206) 652-4255