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May 26, 2015
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PRI's The World: 05/25/2015 An Iraq war veteran turned photojournalist reflects on what Memorial Day means to him, and to some of the soldiers he's photographed over the years. Plus, as Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, BBC reporters were embedded with them. They recorded their impressions of the initial assault on portable recorders. Also, from Beijing, we find out who won one of the largest English language competitions in the world.
The World: 05/22/2015 The Irish vote today on a referendum that would legalize gay marriage. We'll find out where Ireland sits in the global push for gay rights. We also hear the story of a young American who lost his passport on a visit to Turkey ? and found out it ended up in the hands of refugee smugglers. Plus, The World's Marco Werman is riding the rails right now as part of a writing fellowship with Amtrak. He just happens to be in New Orleans, where he tells us about the funeral of Travis "Trumpet Black" Hill, a NOLA musician who died recently while on tour in Japan.
PRI's The World: 05/21/2015 Iraqi forces are reportedly preparing to try and retake the city of Ramadi after it was seized by ISIS fighters a few days ago, while ISIS has already taken the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria as well. We also have a conversation with a popular Mexican-American cartoonist who's now moving into TV. Finally, we'll tell you about a project to protect butterflies and honeybees by forming a 1,500 mile protective "butterfly corridor" across the country.
World Headlines
Malaysia exhumes mass 'migrant' graves Malaysia exhumes bodies suspected to be migrants buried in 139 grave sites as fresh details of alleged human trafficking camps emerge.
Chinese navy to focus on 'open seas' China announces its strategy to focus the navy beyond its borders into open water, in a military strategy document.
Time Warner in $55bn takeover deal Charter Communications agrees to buy Time Warner Cable media giant in a deal worth $55bn.
Vista Theatre is a one-screen wonder
There's no room for bloopers at the 92-year-old venue, owner says.
My First Job: Printing professional
When Shahrouz Varshabi couldn't find work in Iran, he started a business.
A shot of 'America's native spirit'
Author Reid Mitenbuler tells how to find bourbon's 'sweet spot.'
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