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Special Screening: No Place on Earth with Special Guest Rafael Marmor 
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$4.50 for members; $9.00 non-members * contact the Venue listed below for ticketing information  
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February 18, 7:00PM-10:00PM

Immediately following the film will be a discussion with one of the film's producers, Rafael Marmor. Presented in collaboration with Institute for Holocaust Education

NO PLACE ON EARTH uses both dramatic and documentary techniques to tell the story of a community of Jewish Ukrainians who survived the Holocaust by living in underground caves for nearly a year and a half. The film starts as a mystery. In the 1990s, spelunkers found puzzling objects in one of the world’s longest caves, evidence that suggested that people had lived there. Rumors had long held that the cave system in southern Ukraine had been a refuge during the Holocaust. As the film reveals, five Jewish families of thirty-eight people in total escaped to the caverns in 1942. While men left safety at night to collect supplies, the refugee women never came up, becoming the longest known people to survive underground.
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1340 Webster Street  
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United States 
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