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Economy Project: Unemployment Counselors Preparing For Layoffs
Looming cuts in federal and state budgets have unemployment centers bracing for layoffs among public employees, including tens of thousands at Texas schools.
Texans Earning Less
A newly released government report shows Texans are earning less than workers in other parts of the country. KERA's Shelley Kofler reports Texas leads the nation in minimum wage jobs.
Job Hunting? Face-to-Face Trumps Online
Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn are being used in ways many never imagined. How critical are they in finding a job? KERA's Aida Ahmed is an SMU student who will graduate and join the job hunt next Spring. She wanted to know just how far social media will take her in finding the perfect position. Here's what Aida found out.
Economy Project: Affordable Dental Care
Going to the dentist is NOT a chore for many people these days, it's a dream. A visit to the dentist is out of reach because of the high cost and lack of insurance. This month in our Monday economy segments, KERA is identifying low cost medical and dental care. Today, BJ Austin looks at some low-cost dental care options.
Economy Project: The 30-Second Elevator Pitch
As cities and counties in North Texas finalize budgets some of their employees face the prospect of layoffs. Employment experts say it's important for jobseekers to remain optimisitic and be ready for opportunities. Today we continue our Monday economy segments with a story some out-of-work listeners found useful when we aired it last year. Here's Bill Zeeble to explain the 30-second elevator pitch .
Economy Project: What's a Two-Minute Verbal Resume?
The state's unemployment rate just rose to 8.3 percent. More people are looking for work than we've seen in decades. Maybe your resume is updated and posted online, but what about that "two-minute" verbal resume? It could help secure the next job. In our ongoing Monday Economy series, KERA's Bill Zeeble reports on the technique.
Economy Project: The School Of Rock At DISD
The Dallas Independent School District has committed to providing arts and music teachers for each of its campuses. But DISD has been able to do that mostly through outside money from a non-profit foundation. In today's Economy segment, KERA's Jerome Weeks reports on another non-profit group that's providing a free music program at 45 DISD schools.
Economy Project: Texas Cities Cutting People, Programs
It's been the toughest year in decades for cities trying to balance their budgets. In today's economy segment we'll take a look at how that will affect Texans. Shelley Kofler talks to the executive director of the Texas Municipal League. But first, BJ Austin sits down with Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm. Suhm proposes balancing Dallas' budget by cutting 450 employees and services in almost ever city department.
Economy Project: Schools Provide Financial Resources
The number of poor children in Texas is growing. Last year 59 percent of our public school students were considered economically disadvantaged. The Texas Education Agency expects the number this year to be even higher. We've been telling you about the free back-to-school supplies being offered in many North Texas districts. In today's economy segment KERA's Shelley Kofler visits a school in Hurst and looks at the many other services schools offered throughout the year.
Economy Project: Saving Money On Back To School Shopping
This year, the average American family will spend 600 dollars on clothes and "back to school supplies". The National Retail Federation says that's about 50 dollars more than last year. But, economic times remain tough, and the Retail Federation says families are hunting for bargains. In KERA's weekly Economy Segment, BJ Austin looks at ways back-to-school shoppers are saving money.
Economy Project: Saving Money On Your Water Bill
90.1's Sam Baker talks with Yvonne DuPre of Dallas Water Utilities' Water Conservation Program about how to lower your water usage and bill.
Economy Project: Low Cost Dental Care Difficult To Get
Going to the dentist is NOT a chore for many people these days, it's a dream. A visit to the dentist is out of reach because of the high cost and lack of insurance. This month in our Monday economy segments, KERA is identifying low cost medical and dental care. Today, BJ Austin looks at some low-cost dental care options.
Economy Project: Even Public Hospitals Cost Too Much?
You need a doctor, lack insurance, but don't qualify for coverage at a County public hospital. What are you going to do now? This month our Monday economy segments take a look at health care access for those without insurance. KERA's Bill Zeeble has more on affordable options.
Economy Project: What Do Public Hospitals Offer?
Even before the recession Texas ranked first among states for having the most uninsured at 25%. It will take several years for the new federal healthcare plan to be phased in. This month during our Monday economy segments, we're going to take a look at what's available right now to North Texans who are struggling to find affordable healthcare. KERA's Shelley Kofler looks at public hospitals and what they offer.
KERA Economy Project: Job Training
The recession has dramatically changed the demand for certain occupations and skills. That has sent people back to school to re-tool their skills or get training for an entirely new kind of work. KERA's BJ Austin looks at "job training", where to find it, how to pay for it, in this week's Economy segment.
Economy Project: How College Grads Are Finding Jobs
There's some good news for the thousands of metroplex college seniors who will graduate this month. One recent survey says more grads are being hired this year than last. But there are still fewer jobs for new graduates than there were a couple years ago. In today's economy segment KERA's Shomial Ahmad takes a look at home some job seeking graduates are improving their chances.
Economy Project: Financial Planning For A New Baby
Having and raising a child could be the biggest investment a family will make. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates the cost to raise a child for 17 years is around $220,000. In today's economy segment, KERA's Shomial Ahmad looked into how you can financially prepare for a little one.
Economy Project: Rebuilding Your Credit Score
Your credit score determines whether you can get a mortgage, car loan or credit card and how much interest you will pay. Many people out of work and behind on their bills have seen their credit scores drop dramatically. But you can rebuild your score with the right strategy. Alexis Yancey profiles a woman who did in today's KERA economy segment.
Economy Project: Surviving The Economic Drain Of Divorce
Do you know how to handle a financial crisis? Better yet, do you know how to prevent one? The Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater Dallas will be providing help with a series of live webinars throughout the month of April, which is financial literacy month. KERA will be highlighting some of the webinars in our Monday economy segments. Today, reporter Alexis Yancey explores one of the webinar topics, surviving the financial drain of a divorce.
Economy Project: New Tax Credits This Filing Season
W-2 forms are arriving in mail boxes this week. January 31st was the deadline for employers to mail them, signaling the start of tax season. As part of KERA's weekly Economy Segment, BJ Austin reports on some new tax credits and deductions that could put money in taxpayers' pockets.