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Last updated 10:53AM ET
April 27, 2017
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Foreign aid takes a hit, Coke and Pepsi team up to fix Mexico's water problems, and a rhino takes to Tinder On the show today, two former directors of USAID, one a Democrat and one a Republican, weigh in on Donald Trump's plans to slash foreign aid. Plus, we'll tell you about a water project in Monterrey, Mexico that's bringing two big corporate rivals together. And we introduce you to the hottest endangered white rhino on the dating app, Tinder. His name is Sudan, and he loves to eat grass and chill out in the mud.
Three Americans in North Korean detention, Trump wants to get to Mars, El Chapo hates his American prison Amid all the threatening nuclear talk from North Korea, the detention of three Americans by North Korea is not getting much attention. Also, Mexican drug lord El Chapo isn't too happy with his prison digs in New York. Plus, a perspective on climate change from the point of view of a mussel.
Showdown over Trump's wall, a new political landscape in France, "Almost Asian" Today: Could the battle over who pays for President Trump's border wall with Mexico lead to a government shutdown? Plus, a twist on studying abroad in Minnesota. And the web series "Almost Asian."
World Headlines
Brexit: Chancellor Merkel warns UK on scope of talks with EU The German chancellor says the future UK-EU relationship can only be discussed once exit issues are resolved.
Syria war: 'Israeli strike' hits military site near Damascus airport Unconfirmed reports say an Israeli strike targeted an arms supply hub operated by Hezbollah.
Trump's immigrant crime hotline trolled with calls about aliens and UFOs The US government line was set up for victims of crimes "committed by removable criminal aliens".
Homegrown Indian Beverage Industry Takes On Cola Giants With Nostalgic Flavors A handful of new Indian beverage companies are offering traditional Indian tastes in neat, hygienic packs and bottles. The industry is growing fast and already competing with big soda companies.
Cassini Craft Beams Closest Images Ever Taken Of Saturn The spacecraft is "showing us new wonders and demonstrating where our curiosity can take us if we dare," NASA's planetary science director says.
United Airlines Will Now Pay Voluntarily Bumped Passengers Up To $10,000 United Airlines promises to cut down on overbooking and raise the maximum incentive for passengers to skip a flight to $10,000.
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