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Last updated 5:47AM ET
January 21, 2017
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President Trump's inauguration, Mexico's Trump worries, Russia celebrates The beginning of the Trump era, as seen from Washington and across the globe. Plus, the Women's March on Washington goes global with sister marches around the world. And Wynton Marsalis on what he would have played at the inauguration if he'd been invited.
Rust Belt welcome for Trump, Israeli settlers in DC, China's green energy A BBC reporter speaks to Rust Belt voters who helped elect Donald Trump. Also, some Israeli settlers travel to Washington for the inauguration. Plus, translating the name "Trump" into Russian and Chinese.
Chelsea Manning's case, Chinese opioid drugs, a family split by immigration status President Barack Obama defends his decision to commute Chelsea Manning's sentence. Also, how Chinese drugs are fueling the US opioid epidemic. Plus, an Obama staffer from Argentina looks back on her White House experience.
World Headlines
Donald Trump begins overhaul as first executive orders signed Donald Trump targets Obamacare and swears in top security staff in his first hours as president.
Yahya Jammeh says he will step down in The Gambia Yahya Jammeh led the country for 22 years but refused to accept defeat in December's election.
Italy school bus crash and fire leaves 16 dead One teacher saved many pupils by dragging them from the burning bus, one official says.
Can An Online Game Help You Learn To Help Struggling Friends? It's hard to ask someone if they're depressed or suicidal. Colleges are using an online game to help students learn how to have those conversations. The goal: more support and empathy.
Trump Vows Policy Vision Of 'America First,' Recalling Phrase's Controversial Past Trump briefly sought the 2000 presidential nomination of the Reform Party. It eventually went to Pat Buchanan, whom Trump called a "Hitler lover." Buchanan's slogan that fall was "America First!"
Trump's Executive Order Could Dismantle Parts Of ACA Before Replacement Is Ready As promised, Trump got to work on Day 1, taking the first steps to fulfill his pledge to gut Obama's health care law. The order's reach, however, depends upon which provisions he decides to target.
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