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January 19, 2017
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Chelsea Manning's case, Chinese opioid drugs, a family split by immigration status President Barack Obama defends his decision to commute Chelsea Manning's sentence. Also, how Chinese drugs are fueling the US opioid epidemic. Plus, an Obama staffer from Argentina looks back on her White House experience.
Antibiotic-resistant superbugs, Chinese leader wows, biking the inaugural Today, we begin with a look at concerns that antibiotic-resistant infections are becoming more common. Then, we'll hear about how Britain's prime minister favors a "clean break" from the European Union. Plus, go for a bike ride down the inaugural parade route with Denmark's ambassador in Washington.
Different perspectives on MLK Day, Europe's NATO anxiety, Italian beer beyond Peroni Today, we hear about a rabbi who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. Plus, how one immigrant first learned about Dr. King in India. And in Italy, the craft beer movement is growing.
World Headlines
Gambia crisis: Senegal troops 'enter' to back new president They seek to ensure Adama Barrow assumes power as new president, as strongman Jammeh refuses to quit.
Rigopiano hotel avalanche: Italian rescuers find no sign of life Fears grow for some 30 people buried under snow and debris at a hotel, with three deaths confirmed.
No Kanye at 'typically American' ceremony Kanye West won't appear at Donald Trump's "traditionally American" inauguration, the organiser says.
01/19/17: How would Steven Mnuchin handle a financial crisis?
Financial crises tend to come around every seven years ? which means one may be overdue. We'll look at how Trump's treasury secretary pick, Steven Mnuchin, would handle a Great Recession. Next, we'll explore how Dubai is using the sport of squash to cultivate relationships with major financial institutions.
Bills in two states push to eliminate tenure
Missouri's would stop tenure for new hires starting next year. Iowa's would revoke tenure for all professors.
Why mud cracks on Mars matter
A scientist from the Curiosity team tells about the rover's latest find and what it's like to work on Martian time.
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