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June 29, 2016
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PRI's The World: 06/28/2016 The European Parliament was the scene of some harsh words and insults this morning after Nigel Farage, a key force behind Britain's campaign to leave the EU, leveled both barrels at Europe's leaders. We'll find out who exactly Nigel Farage is. Plus, a giant underground field of helium has been found in Tanzania, and people who operate MRI machines are happy. Then we turn to breaking news out of Turkey, where suicide bombers launched a deadly attack on Istanbul's airport. We also hear about another huge victory for tiny Iceland.
PRI's The World: 06/27/2016 Britain's decision to leave the European Union has thrown the country's politics into near chaos. Not only has British Prime Minister David Cameron said he will step down, but now ministers are leaving the opposition Labour Party in droves, as well. Plus: "I want my country back." That's what a British columnist wrote in The New Statesman over the weekend. Laurie Penny tells us about those "Leave" voters in the UK who never felt the positive effects of globalization. And, Bolivia decides it's time to ditch the Gregorian calendar.
PRI's The World: 06/24/2016 In a historic vote, the British have decided that their country should leave the European Union. We're going to devote the entire show to the so-called "Brexit." We'll speak with Brits who supported the "Leave" campaign, and those who voted to stay in the EU. And, will Britain's decision to leave affect its so-called "special relationship" with the United States? Also, does the Brexit victory's populist roots echo the Trump phenomenon in the United States?
World Headlines
Why a mother had to visit the place her son died Maureen and Roger have waited 11 years to visit the place where their son Matthew died in Iraq, to lay a small cross there and to try to understand why he died.
Istanbul Ataturk airport attack: 36 dead and more than 140 hurt A suicide bomb and gun attack at Istanbul airport kills at least 36 people and injures more than 140.
Brexit: EU leaders meet without Cameron A second day of talks is under way at EU summit, but UK PM David Cameron is absent following last week's vote to leave the bloc.
We're on the ground in London and it's not pretty
How are folks really feeling about Brexit? We head there to find out.
Clinton and Trump push back against trade deals
Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spoke on trade and the economy.
What Brexit may mean for the pharmaceutical industry
Drug makers are raising concerns Brexit could delay regulatory approval, slow down funding for basic research
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