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April 19, 2015
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PRI's The World: 04/17/2015 We head first to the Mediterranean to get the latest on a series of incidents this week involving migrants from the Middle East and North Africa trying to reach Europe. We also go to South Africa, where migrants from other sub-Saharan African countries have faced increased violence in recent days. Plus, there's plenty of great music in the show, including Tal National, an ensemble from Niger, and we play some wake-up music for astronauts.
PRI's The World: 04/16/2015 Today marks a self-imposed deadline for Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia to be Ebola-free. New cases are still cropping up, but the number of new infections has been dramatically reduced. Also, what questions did Russian President Vladimir Putin avoid answering during his marathon call-in program today? Plus, a Minnesota town called "America's Little Sweden" was recently forced to drop the umlaut from its name on the highway sign into town, but the governor ordered the umlaut be restored.
PRI's The World: 04/15/2015 We take a global look at pay equity for female managers and CEOs, and also see how Finland manages its prison population ? without locks and bars. Plus, survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing still hear the explosions ringing in their ears two years later ? literally.
World Headlines
Zuma vows to end xenophobic attacks President Jacob Zuma visits migrant workers who have fled xenophobic attacks, saying the violence goes against South African values and must end.
Pope calls for more help on migrants Pope Francis urges the EU and international community to do more to tackle the rising number of migrants making desperate journeys across the Med.
Cuban dissidents stand in local vote For the first time in Cuba, at least two government opponents will be standing on Sunday in municipal elections in Havana.
Weekly Wrap: Inflation, Greece and IPOs
Kai's weekly chat about the week in business news.
German luxury carmakers make a mass-market push
Global sales for BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are at a record high.
"Jeopardy!" tried to sponsor a mustache
Leaked emails show Sony was looking for "Official Razor of Alex Trebek's Mustache"
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