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March 31, 2015
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PRI's The World: 03/30/2015 Summer Nasser is American, but she's currently stuck in war-torn Yemen amid air strikes and wants the US government to get her and other citizens out. Plus, the BBC's Barbara Plett brings us the latest on the Iran nuclear negotiations underway in Switzerland. Also, we hear about the effort to get more women involved in Turkish politics.
PRI's The World: 03/27/2015 Nigerians head to the polls this weekend. What's at stake for Africa's most populous nation? Plus, Mexican immigrants to the United States have trouble when they try to return home. Also, we hear about America's strange history of vaccinations, and George Washington's key role.
PRI's The World: 03/26/2015 What will Saudi air strikes in Yemen mean for the volatile mix that is the Middle East? Also, we hear how the Germanwings crash investigation focuses new attention on post-9/11 rules about cockpit safety. Later, musicians in the Nile River basin are helping their region tackle its drought problems.
World Headlines
Opposition wins Nigeria election Nigeria's presidential poll is won by Muhammadu Buhari, in the country's first election victory by the opposition.
Statement 'expected from Iran talks' Nuclear talks between world powers and Iran could go on past a midnight deadline, US officials say, as delegates prepare to issue a general statement.
Lufthansa told of co-pilot depression The Alps crash co-pilot Andreas Lubitz informed Lufthansa's flight school in 2009 of a "serious depressive episode", company says.
Do higher home prices mean the market is rebounding?
The answer is complicated, thanks to that basic economic rule: supply and demand.
PODCAST: The changing middle class in Silicon Valley
Oil, Jay Z, and Silicon Valley.
Latvia's Russian minority not separatist
Latvia's Russian-speaking minority prefers economic stability to separatism.
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