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October 20, 2014
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PRI's The World: 10/17/2014 Cuba's medical brigades and their contributions to the international response on Ebola. Plus, the story of a Sikh-American who has dealt with stigma and prejudice by engaging people with humor. And from the far north, how the people of Nunavut keep the polar bears at bay so their children can trick or treat on Halloween.
PRI's The World: 10/16/2014 We continue our coverage of the West Africa Ebola crisis and we explore the fictional world of medical thrillers with the screenwriter of the 2011 film "Contagion." Also, a conversation with Pakistani writer Bina Shah about the depiction of her homeland in the new season of "Homeland." And, Sing Peak in Yosemite honors the national park's Chinese past.
PRI's The World: 10/15/2014 One thing Ebola means for Liberians ? daily life without touching, hugging or shaking hands. Plus, how protesters in Hong Kong are using art to support their calls for more democracy. And a reality check on President Obama's strategy for dealing with ISIS.
World Headlines
Turks to let Kurds join Kobane fight Turkey is to allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross the Syrian border to Kobane to fight Islamic State militants, its foreign minister says.
Exiled Nazis collected US benefits The US has paid dozens of exiled Nazi war criminals millions of dollars in social benefits after forcing them to leave the country, a new report finds.
Sweden widens 'mystery sub' hunt Sweden widens its search in waters off Stockholm and tells some civilian vessels to leave the area amid suspicions of a Russian submarine.
Quiz: Where school never stops
The number of year-round public schools is small, but growing fast.
IBM will no longer make its own chips
IBM is paying $1.5 billion to GlobalFoundries Inc. to take over its the division.
PODCAST: The next billion
IBM sells chips, SolarCity sells bonds, and tech sells "the next billion."
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