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July 26, 2016
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PRI's The World: 07/25/2016 Did Russian hackers really steal emails from the Democratic National Committee? We investigate. Also we hear about Western journalists' frustration with trying to report out of Afghanistan and Turkey. Plus, how authentic is Disney's new Latina Princess?
PRI's The World: 07/22/2016 A shooting attack in Munich has resulted in several deaths at a shopping mall. Also, "Americanism, not globalism" was how Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump described his party's credo Thursday night. But what exactly does "Americanism" mean? Plus, a couple of food stalls in Singapore earn the famed Michelin stars.
PRI's The World: 07/21/2016 Donald Trump is getting ready to accept the Republican nomination for president of the United States. We'll take a close look at what a Trump presidency might mean for some major foreign policy issues, from NATO to Gitmo. There will also be conversations about his stances on climate change and global trade. Plus, we'll hear views on Trump and his proposed policies from Mexico, Nigeria and China.
World Headlines
US election: Sanders says Clinton must be US president Bernie Sanders urges the US to put Hillary Clinton in the White House, in a speech to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia
Japan knife attack: 19 killed at care centre in Sagamihara Nineteen people are stabbed to death at a care home for people with mental disabilities in Sagamihara, in Japan's worst mass killing in decades.
Solar Impulse completes historic round-the-world trip The Solar Impulse becomes the first aircraft to circle the globe powered by the sun after landing in Abu Dhabi on the last leg of its journey.
Starbucks loosens up its dress code
Fedoras are OK.
What would replace the WTO if Trump got rid of it?
The US has a good record using the World Trade Organization to block unfair trade practices.
After seven years, the minimum wage is worth a lot less
Depending on how to measure, the minimum wage should be closer to $12, or even $19.
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