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December 7, 2016
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PRI's The World: 12/06/2016 After a divisive election, hate crimes are on the rise in the US. Plus, members of the Sioux tribe are fighting to save the Lakota language. And we take a look back at Fidel Castro's tracksuits.
PRI's The World: 12/05/2016 Veterans who were protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline are now celebrating. Plus, we hear about the winners and losers in Italy's and Austria's elections. We also take a look at why Berlin seems to hate Airbnb.
PRI's The World: 12/02/2016 Today we hear memories of the Cuban missile crisis on a personal level, from the perspective of a few people who lived it. We also visit a family in North Carolina divided on the matter of immigration. Plus, Fidel Castro once played copy editor to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
World Headlines
Card queen Not many professional gamblers are bipolar women, but Cat Hulbert was one of the best - and she delighted in winning money from men.
Aleppo battle: Syria rebels 'withdraw from old city' Syrian rebels withdraw from Aleppo's old city and call for a truce to allow civilian evacuations.
Pakistan International Airways flight crashes in north A Pakistan Airlines flight with more than 40 people on board crashes in the north of the country.
Senate panel hearing weighs AT&T -Time Warner merger proposal
Japanese tourists seek information about their history at Pearl Harbor
The National Park Service doesn't keep records on how many Japanese tourists come to Pearl Harbor, but visitors can take guided tours, and find Japanese-language headsets and brochures.
In Oakland, people worry that good jobs are out of reach
Working-class residents aren't sharing as the tech boom spreads to Oakland.
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