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The Garden Faire 
General Event Information
Event Category:
Free Admission  
Dates and Times:
June 21, 9:00AM-5:00PM
The Garden Faire is an educational event focusing on benefits of organic gardening and sustainable, healthy living. Included will be a unique assemblage of garden goods and materials, plants and services, plus many knowledgeable speakers, interactive presentations, food and beverage, live music and plenty of activities for everyone.

The 2014 theme, “Growing During Times of Drought” will explore the importance of individual actions toward building the health of ourselves, our community and our planet, implementing new ideas and techniques that will assist and enhance the growth of plants, while sustaining our earth and our environment, resulting in organic/holistic food for body and spirit.

“Growing During Times of Drought ” was selected as the theme for the event because:

Change is inevitable…all of life is constantly changing, every second
Change brings us new beginnings…it is to be embraced.
Change creates growth …developing new ways…thoughts and ideas.
Change encourages us to grow, expanding our horizons through the seasons of life.
Changes succeed when we envision and pursue them together.
Let us embrace change and growth – let us find new ways to take care of our physical earth and world through innovative techniques and ideas that will nurture the earth instead of poisoning it with pesticides and by other destructive means.
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