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December 25, 2014
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PRI's The World: 12/24/2014 A pilot from US-ally Jordan is captured by ISIS. We get Jordanian reaction. How Cubans have been getting the Internet - on foot. And a new look at Dylan Thomas, with new music for his Child's Christmas in Wales.
PRI's The World: 12/23/2014 North Korea's Internet is back up after a series of outages over the past 24 hours. No one's really sure why it went down, or who might be behind it. But exactly who is online in North Korea, and what are they seeing on a daily basis? Also, a filmmaker and Muslim convert talked about helping in the production of a PBS documentary on the Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Plus, we profile the woman known as the "grandmother of computers."
PRI's The World: 12/22/2014 The police force in New York City is reeling after a weekend attack left two officers dead. Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were shot and killed in Brooklyn by a man claiming it was in retaliation for recent slayings of black men at the hands of white police. Ramos was Hispanic, while Liu was Chinese American. We'll ask whether the NYPD reflects the ethnic diversity of this global city. Plus, a virtual reality program at the University of Southern California seeks to let ordinary Americans see, and feel, what it's like to live in war-torn Syria. And, The World's favorite music tracks of 2014.
World Headlines
Sony comedy The Interview opens The Sony Pictures comedy The Interview opens in some US cinemas and online, after a major cyber-attack and row over its release.
Jordan plane 'not shot down by IS' The Jordanian air force plane that crashed in Syria was not shot down by Islamic State militants, the US says.
Christians hold Mass in Bethlehem Christians from across the world hold midnight Mass in Bethlehem in the West Bank, to mark Christmas Eve in the place they believe Jesus was born.
Modern gift-wrap tradition has ties to Hallmark
Wrapping paper as we know it took off about 100 years ago. Now it's a $3 billion industry.
Nicaragua's much-touted canal meets with opposition
Nicaragua's been talking about building a canal for 200 years. Considerable skepticism has greeted the project.
Will 'The Interview' make money for Sony?
Film is released digitally. Should you see it? Our live tweets of a screening may hold the answer.
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